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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 25, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a cooler and a life preserver. the crews are remaining optimistic. >> they were able to get on a raft, that would change it. if they put together the life ranch with cooler which could have happened that could change it. right now we are still searching and we are remaining hopeful while we search. >> two of the radio calls, the sailboat is called the charm blow but they do not know who it is registered to or who was on board and they have not received any missing persons reports. they are begging anyone with information who may know who may have been on the boat to contact them, contact the coast guard because there is very little information about would the family may have been. reporting live for abc7 news. >> a reward is set up for a bay area couple who disappeared while traveling in peru. it has been a month since anyone
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has heard from garrett hand and jamie neal from the east bay. jamie neal's coworkers from the bicycle shop have a reward fund for information leading to their whereabouts which has grown to $3,000. they hope it will be bigger. the state department this month warned of potential kidnapping targeting americans. the embassy in him -- lima say they do not have evidence to suggest they were kidnapped. can you donate at any mechanics bank. >> now an overnight shooting in san francisco that sent a person to the hospital. police say they have made an arrest and recovereddant -- record an ak-47. a young man was hit. he is expected to be okay. police say the 42-year-old from sacramento is in custody in connection with that shooting. >> investigators have expanded the search for the prime suspect in a shooting and crash on the las vegas strip that killed an
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oakland man. police are now searching areas in south carolina, georgia, and miami, locations where 26-year-old harris previously lived and worked. harris is accuses of killing oakland rapper kenny cherry firing shots into his mazurati which crashed into a taxi killing two people. on saturday, police found the black range rover he was driving. police say harris has an extensive criminal history. >> mc hammer is due in court next month on charges of resisting arrest in dublin. he took to twitter claiming that he was the victim of racial profiling. thursday night a police officer approached him at a shopping center when he was in in a vehi. the car he was in had expired license plates and the officers say he was arrested on charges of obstructing an officer. >> the former ambassador bishop of san francisco, once the high of the ranking american in the
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catholic church is speaking of the election and will fake part in the process. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is live with that. he has a long history with the outgoing pope benedict. >> they have known each other since the early 80's and the cardinal told us he will meet with the pope on thursday morning for a farewell which will be very emotional. when the pope, when he was a cardinal, he chose him to replace him as the prefect of the congregation and when he was pope benedict he elevated him to cardinal in 2006. he retired last year and never thought he would be part of a conclave. pope benedict's resignation surprised him and he is landing to leave for rome tomorrow and said even if you are not catholic he is asking you keep him if your thoughts. >> i will be the first former ambassador -- archbishop of san francisco to have this solemn
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duty. i rely on the prayers of all the faithful of church and i ask the prayers of my brothers and sisters in other christian communities. jesus has assured us that the prayers we pray to god will receive a response. i ask, as well, the good will and prayers of the whole community for this important moment in the history of the catholic church. >> the conclave is not without controversy. the scottish cardinal will not participate in the election. there are reports he made unwanted sexual abuses toward priests in the 80's and he denies the allegations but says he does not want to be a distraction. and cardinal from los angeles is under pressure to skip it because of accusations he covered up for pedophile priests. a source in the catholic church tells me he doesn't think the cardinal will excuse himself and says he is on the way to rome. this press conference with the cardinal is going on.
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when i stepped out he had not addressed the controversy but we are still listening to the report and our reporter will have more on the cardinal's comments later in the broadcast. >> thank you. the new pope will see the results of a potentially explosive report about leaks from the vatican. the italian newspapers say the report details evidence of corruption and blackmail and a gay sex ring all factors pointed to as a reason for pope benedict's resignation. the vatican denied the report and said only two people, pope benedict, and sis successor will be able to view the findings. the pope met today with the three cardinals who did the investigation to say he was satisfied with it. >> still ahead, a horrifying discovery for ikea after horse meat is found in the most popular food item. >> the most trustworthy moment from last night's oscar.
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who took home the
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>> president obama is trying to avert automatic spending cuts kicking in on friday. president obama tried to rally the nation's governors do put pressure on congress in hopes of asiding $85 billion in automatic cuts. governor brown attended the luncheon at the white house where the president reiterated
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the cuts will slow the economy. >> this morning, you received a report outlining exactly how the cuts will harm middle-class families in your states. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents have to deal with finding child care. >> congress is back in session today. lawmakers are unlikely to meet compromises. >> new this morning, another big name retailer is now fallen victim to europe's horse meat scandal. ikea stopped trading the meatballs in 21 european countries after discovering traces of authority meat in them. inspectors in czech republic found evidence of the horse meat in the frozen meatball supply and a spokesman says the tainted meatballs are not sold in the united states. >> a study could have you poring on the olive oil.
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researchers in spain assigned people to three diets. after five years they noticed 30 percent decrease in heart attack and stroke risk in those who ate a mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fish, fruits and vegetables and bones and little dairy or meat. they were obese or had diabetes coming in to this trial. >> i love that diet. meat is a side dish, more fruits and vegetables. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> it is hard to give up the meat but it looks good. now a look outside to show you what is going on. open up the weather window from the east bay hills and looking back to the southeast there, you can see high clouds and that is it afar as this weather system goes. a cold front is moving law and i will tell you how much colder tonight and look for rain in the forecast. >> thank you, you think you have embarrassing moments, the most
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memorable oscar moment included the trouble an act stress had getting on stage. >> perk that is going away soon for employees of sunnyvale based
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we are talking about this today, a night of triumph and tears and a tumble by an oscar winning at the academy awards. now live from hollywood with some of the best moments in the show we are all talking about today. craig? >> we are on hollywood's walk of fame on the other side of this fence is the portion of hollywood boulevard that is off limits to the general public because of the cleanup. across the street is the theater where affleck you could argue made the biggest splash last night. >> and the oscar goes to... to..."argo." >> that ended up on top, and
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affleck was thrilled to win and thrilled the first lady opened the envelope. >> it was the first lady is an an -- enormous offer. >> detain yell day-lewis earned a record third oscar for the portrayal of abraham lincoln and best actress went to silver linings playbook's jennifer lawrence but she had trouble getting to the stage. >> you have a began here. >> as expected, "les miserables" anne hathaway won for supporting actress and supporting actor was from "unchained" and life of pi got the most awards. >> thank you, movie god. >> there was a james bond tribute. a celebration of movie music with past winners like jennifer
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hudson. and first time secretary -- seth mcfarlane. reviews of the performance range from extreme to extreme but the most important thing is the television ratings and right now it looks like the ratings are up compared to last year. >> a lot of repeat winners, right? as we mentioned, daniel day-lewis has now three oscars and affleck has two, the screen-writing oscar from "good will hunting" and a second oscar for tarantino. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> the oscars has controversy, with an apology for offensive tweet about the youngest stars,
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only nine, the star of obesity of -- the star of "the beast of the southern wild." they have new procedures in place to make sure it never happens again and those responsible are disciplined. >> don't understand that. >> there were several bay area groups crossing their fingers last night. the disney film "brave" produced in emeryville took home best animation and the lt. governor's wise hit the red carpet, executive before of "invisible war," nominated for best documentary from. the small film "the beasts of the southern wild" with effect by san francisco academy of art university was until natured but did not walk away but they were
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nominated. >> we give you the statue for best meteorologist on the midday show. >> an honor to be here but. >> an exclusive club. >> where's the statue? i am not leaving without it. >> good morning, everyone, a beautiful morning, full moon this morning and you get a chance to see it rise again later on during the early afternoon or early evening hours if you missed it this morning. it was gorgeous. tomorrow morning, there will be less clouds than this morning. a little shy toward the end and it was a gorgeous sight so hopefully you can see it tonight. notice how dry the cold front is, not a radar return to be found, head up north and that is where the bulk of the storm is and how much radar return up here, either, some at the higher elevations in the form of snow but not much at the lower elevations in the form of rain. a cold front is coming through but it is doing so quietly,
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kicking up a few passing clouds and downtown san jose, 55 degrees with sunshine, and 54 in oakland and san francisco is 53 and walnut creek and mill valley 62, and palo alto at 58 degrees. another look at san francisco, santa rosa at 58, and napa 54 and forward at 56 and los gatos still cool but you will catch up at 45 degrees. today, passing cloud and not so warm as yesterday, and it will be clear tonight and cooler especially inland and we will have a chance of frost in the deepest valleys. a dry forecast will extend probably another seven days with the warm peeking on -- peaking on friday or saturday. san jose maybe a degree warmer and san francisco and concord and santa rosa one to three degrees cooler. not much difference unless you are near the coast or higher
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elevations. behind you, you can see all the clear air tonight and tomorrow. in the south bay, santa clara valley, san jose 63 and santa cruz, same thing, low-to-mid 60's on the plane and dropping down to 357 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast, and up north all the inland valleys the low-to-mid 60's and sausalito, upper 50's. and low-to-mid 60's long the east bay shore and 59 in san ramon and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60's in the east bay, and traveling around the state, look how quiet it is, 49 in tahoe with no show and mid-50's through the central valley and another stop, our temperatures tonight, closest to freezing, napa around 32 and everyone else, mid-to-upper 30's and mid-30's to mid-40's around the bay shore and to the coast. the accweather seven-day outlook, temperatures the same, maybe a degree or two warmers,
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but look at thursday and friday: we make a run at 70 away from the coast. and more cloud cover saturday and sunday with temperatures closer to average but no rain. no snow. >> not so good. >> thank you, mike. >> listen to this, there is no more working for home at yahoo. the c.e.o. sent out a memo on friday that says all employees have to work from their local offices going in june either come in or quit. she said the change is important for communication and collaboration. the "wall street journal" blog reports that only affect as few hundred employees but several have expressed their anger to the website. >> still ahead, actor jack nicholson is always full of surprises. what did he say that left jennifer hudson blushing? >> today on "katie" i take viewers helping me face my
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demon, clutter is a problem for me and a lost other people, so we are bringing in the experts to show us what a junk and what is worth keeping later today
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>> at 3:00 on "katie" can she declutter her life in and a bay area doctor's idea to stop a health threat in developing countries in "road to hope." and at 5:00, after three decades of freedom an oakland man who served seven years for a crime he did not commit is talking with reporters today about his future. we will hear what he has to say about life on the couched whether he expects someone to pay for his conviction.
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>> finally, what everyone is talking about, an exchange between oscar winning actress jennifer lawrence and jack nicholson who surprised her during the interview with george stephanopolis and she turned the tables on one of hollywood's most prominent flirts. >> thank you. really? really? >> he is blushing as much as she. and he came back for more. >> oh, boy. >> that moment as described as one of the most memorable, next to tripping on her way to collecting the statue. which is worse? >> you know, what a golden moment all in all. >> she looked gorgeous. that does it for us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi, sweetheart. you. nice to meet you. right over here. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant says watching millionaire is one of the best parts of her day, partly because she's getting liquored up during the show. from baton rouge, louisiana, please welcome dianne lindsay. nice to see you, dianne. [cheers and applause] so i know down in baton rouge we play on wafb at 6:30
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at night, which is why maybe it's appropriate to have a little bit-- >> cocktail hour. >> cocktail hour, okay. >> you betcha. >> what do you normally have while you're watching the show? >> well, on a good day, wine. >> uh-huh. >> on a real good day, a margarita. on a real bad day, a margarita. >> [laughs] >> one of those. >> and when you play the game at home with your glass of wine or the margarita, how do you do? >> well, i do well enough that my husband said, "you really should try out for the show." >> and you did, and you made it, which proves that you're pretty smart. your husband's here. michael's in the audience. >> yeah. >> i noticed. and some of your buddies, six of your friends that i know they're your friends because they're all wearing the beads. >> no, they are my friends,my ds and two of them are my sisters. >> i'm glad to have all your family with you. and everybody's got the beads on, i noticed. >> yes. >> do i get a pair? >> of course you do. >> oh, thank you. >> this is my favorite pair. it has the fleur-de-lis from louisiana. >> i love this. [applause] this is lovely. >> honorary louisianan. >> [laughs] it's like a medal. >> that's right. >> does this bring luck, good l


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